I was thinking about Christmas today, and that nostalgia that pops up when I think about things like decorating the tree.  I can remember so many things about Christmas time in my childhood, things that resonate within me still at 38 years old and I wonder, “Have I given this gift to my daughter?”

Will she look back someday at her childhood and remember certain Christmas ornaments or traditions?  I had the world’s most amazing grandmother (and nana), and – yes – my daughter does, too, but my mom isn’t a grandma-type like my grandma was.  There’s no smell of apple pie emanating from the kitchen, if you know what I mean.

I don’t have ornaments to pass down.  We’ve had it rough, and have been barely able to even HAVE Christmas trees, let alone year-after-year kept ornaments.

We’ve got the one tradition of going to my sister’s house every Christmas Eve, and Haley does look forward to this every year, but is this enough?  Or does every parent think the same thing?  Did my parents think this way when I was young?  And I MOST DEFINITELY look back on Christmas’s past with fondness.

Things to ponder.


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