33 Hours Opiate Free

I did it!

I took the last of my pain meds yesterday morning and went to the doctor today to get on the Suboxone.  By the time I went to bed last night I was already feeling withdrawal, so this morning was bad.  I had the tremors and aches, anxiety was awful, and of course the pain – OHHHH the pain.

Because you can’t take Suboxone if you’ve had opiates within 24-48 hours or it will send you into immediate (and the worst part of) withdrawal, they started me with a quarter of a strip that you put under your tongue and let it dissolve.

Other than slight nausea, I had no adverse reaction.  (MY BODY WAS JUST MADE FOR DRUGS, EH?  hahaha…addict joke….)

So I took another 1/4 of the strip and – BAM – no more withdrawal symptoms.  Within one hour of my doctor visit, I was no longer in withdrawal and now, 5 hours later – NOT ONE SIGN of withdrawal.

I can’t believe it you guys.  Normally by now, if it had been 33 hours without any pain meds – I can’t tell you the pain I’d be in already.  Granted, the stomach and digestive part of it wouldn’t have kicked in yet, but I would FOR SURE be ready to bite anyone’s head off that stepped in my way.

And now?  I couldn’t be better.  I cannot believe there is something so helpful out there for people with opiate addiction.  If you are one of them – SERIOUSLY – check out Suboxone.  It saved a friend of mine’s life, and probably saved mine as well.  The way I was taking pain meds (ok, let’s get real here – I was taking about 10-12 Percocets and about 10 Dilaudid’s a day) – I would have died eventually.  From liver damage, from overdose, from any number of things.  And that number would’ve kept increasing, since your tolerance builds so quickly.

I couldn’t be more grateful right now if I had a thousand dollars in front of me.

If you’re addicted to opiates, and are taking them for pleasure and not for pain, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE trust me – it is a road you do NOT want to go down.  I have done EVERY drug in the book.  My entire 20’s were spent doing various drugs of every kind.  I never had an issue walking away from any one of them.  Not cocaine, not weed, not alcohol.  But opiates?  They had a hold on me that nothing ever has before.

And I know…I’m not CURED.  Suboxone in itself is a narcotic so it’s not like I’m completely free of any drug but….1 Suboxone compared to 20 Percocets/Dilaudids a day??  Major, major difference.

I’m about to leave for my first NA meeting.  I’ll write more later.


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