And then there was you…

Im updating tgis from my cell, so it will be way more brief than an already future planned post but…I am at the tire store for the next hour and Im feeling the need to wax poetic about my new guy. Since we are friends on facebook, and this is fairly new, I just cant go into the details there that Id like to.

Scott and i have known each other fir 25-ish years, but only had one encounter in that time, despite going to the same high school, graduated same year and have about a bazillion mutual friends.

That ONE encounter 25 years ago, he was my first kiss.

Since then, we have been friends on FB and have had some minor online conversations here and there but last week i received a text from him, asking me out.
Now, having gone thru recent weight loss, he was one of many offers…but it was obly him i agreed to go out with. He intrigued me and, what the hell…i wanted to see if his kissing has improved.

We went out Saturday night, i almost cancelled about a thousand times but, oh, how glad i am that i didnt.

Youbsee, hes one of those rare breeds of men thats both manly (a master mechanic), sweet, funny, sexy as hell, and so sweet. Sooo sweet you guys, i get texts thruout the day while hes at work about how awesome ‘this’ is and how he cant get me off his mind.

Saturdays date went perfectly. So much so, we spent Sunday from 10am to 10pm together, along with last night (ok bitches, last nigjt i spent the night….i cant keep that from you).

He is hard working, responsible man and father of 2. And not just a weekend dad, he has them every other week. He owns a beautiful (and immaculate) home, 2 garages for a total of 5 cars (one of which houses his race car, a CORVETTE) and all the bells n whitles that make his place super comfy and fun. And you all know, money doesnt mean a whole lot to me (hell, last ex was a MUSICIAN) but to see this sexy man with his shit straight….it had its appeal for sure.

Perhaps best of all, hes not really a drinker and no drugs which, well, no words need to be said there for those who knew Ray.

As a matter of fact, hes the polar opposite of Ray in every way i need him to be and….my GOD, what i have been missing out on.

So, things are looking up in my world, im on cloud 9 at the moment. We both discussed how ‘right’ this feels for both of us and have decided to be exclusive. As a matter of fact, on our first date he told me he would be my last first date ever.

Who knows if thats true, they say when you know you just know and we are both definitely in that zone.

Oh, and he kisses like ive never been kissed before.


3 thoughts on “And then there was you…

  1. juiceboxbaby says:

    PS sorry for all the typos…..stupid phone!!

  2. Kathryn says:

    Awwww….I’m so happy for you, Cheri!! I hope things work out for you. After all you’ve been through, you deserve true happiness in your life.

    Also, I’m so happy for me because I was right…LMBO!!

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