Bad Blogger!

I really suck at this blogging thing now.  My previous blogs were updated almost daily, and I remember many of the posts actually being FUNNY and not all “Whoa” and “Addiction” and romantic tales gone wrong.

I once reworded Jay Z’s 99 Problems to tailor our office at a previous employer that rhymes with Smishmuhver Card.

Man, I was creative.

There’s really not a whole lot new to report.  I’ve been back to work from medical leave for 3 weeks and we are going thru a buyout of our company, 200 people have been let go (when they said personnel wouldn’t be too affected), we’ve had 3 reorganizations since my medical leave started in February, I am on my FOURTH boss this year, one who hasn’t given our team’s directive yet so we’re all basically doing nothing.  Normally, I don’t mind if you want to pay me to surf the net OCCASIONALLY in between projects or when I just need a break but – OH the days go by so horrifically slow when you have nothing to do for NINE HOURS. 

My entire day goes something like this:

Hey!  It’s 10:45am, I’ll go check Facebook.

**Checking FB updates**

**Leave a couple comments here & there**

**Oh that meme is funny, I’ll share it with my friends!**

OK, it’s gotta be after 11:00 now, right?  10:47.  DAMMIT!!!

With regards to the romantic front, I did decide to end things with Scott #2.  I ultimately decided it just wasn’t fair to him to not really be vested in the relationship when he clearly was thinking FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE WITH ME!  The nail in the coffin?  He asked me to go to his brother’s surprise birthday party a few weeks ago…I know his brother, we’re cool, so I went.  His brother’s girlfriend hired RAY’S BAND to play the event.

That?  Was not fun.

And while I have no interest in getting back together with Ray, and that will not change, it did make me realize I am not anywhere close to being “over him” either.

So, yeah.  I’m single.

In other news, my best friend & her boyfriend just found out they are pregnant (with her FOURTH child, his first) and, so, I am going to be a Godmother for the first time!  She has 3 boys from her ex husband who terrorize her on a daily basis, so of course I would be remiss if I didn’t constantly poke fun at the fact that she’s probably going to have another boy.  Also, she’s only a little over a month along and is already showing (skinny little bitch) so I get to also throw in some “Maybe it’s TWIN BOYS” comments just to really piss her off.

Good times!!!


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