Annoyance of the Day

You know what I hate?  Those FB memes that show an abused child or, in today’s latest, a child cowering in the corner of a couch with a picture of a hand holding a belt, clearly the person holding said belt took the picture…I’m assuming trying to be “artistic” or “controversial” or “edgy.”

But, it’s not even the actual picture (and you can insert sad looking animal, soldiers in less than favorable conditions, the list goes on AD NAUSEUM.  It’s the caption on the picture (and I’m using the child abuse meme I saw today) that says, “Share if you’re against child abuse.  Keep scrolling if YOU’D LOVE TO SEE HIM BEATEN.”

Um.  OK.  First of all, meme creator, I’m pretty sure everyone EXCEPT child abusers are against child abuse.  Second of all, REALLY?  A guilt trip if I decide not to share the 1,000th meme that shows up on my wall?  I actually felt bad CONTINUING TO SCROLL and I have been known to share my fair share of memes on FB.

Same thing goes for the religious memes.  “Share if you love Jesus, keep scrolling if you are a SATAN WORSHIPER.”  I love me some Jesus.  Do I want to share 900 “I love Jesus” memes?  No.

This is the modern day version of those awful email chain letters we used to receive constantly.  “Forward this email to 10 people and just WAIT to see what blessings will be stowed upon you!  Don’t forward this email and PREPARE FOR IMMINENT DEATH!”

Seriously, the people that create these need to be lined up & beaten.  “Share” if you agree!!!  Don’t share and it means you want to receive all 1,468 memes I’ve received today!  🙂


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