About Me

1.  I love owls.  So much so I would like to own one.  Or 7.

2.  I’m friends, or at least friendly, with all my exes except one.

3.  I have extremely LOW blood pressure.  Heart doctor said to be liberal with salt – something he also mentioned not getting to say often.

4.  I am currently *gulp* 37 years old.

5.  Juice Box Baby came to be when a group of friends and I were singing B52s “Love Shack” and replaced love shack with Juice Box.  I was 15 years old and it’s stuck with me since.

6.  I am unhealthily obsessed with Kings of Leon and The Killers.

7.  I drive a 1996 Nissan Sentra.  Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrooom!

8.  I swear a LOT.

9.  Shit.

10.  I’ve always had more male friends than female.

11.  I have 2 younger sisters.

12.  One is 33 and the other is 21. You would swear the 33 year old is older than me, but not because she looks it – she’s just more mature on every level.

14.  (What – buildings get to skip 13!)

15.  I’m pretty smart, but not with regards to making most life choices.


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